Sleep mechanic, aiming, and possible sewing kit repair


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Hi fellas, starting with positives as always... epic game, keep up the good work, and I think at this point even in its alpha state this is the best single player survival on the market. Thank you and your whole team for the hard work and the epic vision. I have two areas that could use some fine tuning and an idea...

Sleeping - There is not cancel command or any update as to how the player is doing while sleeping. Examples - early on I did not know that I had food poisoning (because there is no notification that I know of other than a "grunt" (which btw it would be nice to have a more obvious notification of that, like the "weak ice" kind of notification). I went to sleep and helplessly watched as my health went from about 80 to 0. Another time I was camping out in an ice shack, I made it through one night but on the second night after I went to sleep a storm kicked up and I froze to death before I woke. That could use a little tweaking. On the realism note, I've woke up way before I froze to death in cabins that got pretty chilly at night. I was more than able to wake up and get the wood stove going. ;)

Aiming - The sight picture when aiming down sights on the rifle needs tweaking. The tip of the front blade and the top edge of the rear sight should all be flush. If I was to have the sight picture in real life that is in the game I would be hitting below the target. The current sight picture covers up moving targets and makes aiming unnecessarily difficult. Btw if you fix it please change the point of impact to match the new sight picture...I don't mean to be insulting with that, but I'm still shell shocked from BF4's epic failure of a launch and patch and fail loop that lasted a year plus.

Sewing kit repair (idea) - It would be nice to be able to repair the sewing kit. I assume it would be a cloth and metal parts requirement or something but I think if I was hard pressed in real life to keep a sewing kit going I could undo fabric and sharpen a broken needle (or maybe even fashion one). Also it wouldn't be to hard to turn sinew into makeshift thread... if we can make fishing line from it (or guts in game I guess) then we could surely make string that would thread into the eye of a needle.

Btw all... about the sinew. Next time you folks drop an animal (in real life) save the silver skin from the backstrap. Let it dry and then smash it a bunch of times with a rock. After enough of that it will separate into a bunch of long threads (sinew). To use, wet to make pliable, wrap, tie off, and let dry. Also to secure the knot permanently there are several "how to make natural glue" vids on you tube. If you want to make arrows the cave man way this is how to do at least part of it.

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