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Dear Delevopers!

I've been playing the game for months now, and I really like how hard it is - however, sometimes it seems realism was sacrificed quite brutally on the altar of difficulty.

For example, it's a completely valid value, requiring 2500 calories a day to not go starving. However, the values certain food types provide are quite... weird, to say the least.

I wonder if anyone consulted an expert on the topic of survival. I'm no such guy, but I still find it rather strange that, while a 300 gram energy bar restores 500 calories, and a 0.5 kg MRE pack restores 1750, a whole kilogram of cooked, fine venison gives back only 800?

If we take a look at the native tribes or nomads or anyone who knew how to properly take use of a deer, a single deer could feed an entire family for a week. I find it disturbing (there's no better word for it) that our player is so much of a pig he needs 3 kilograms of fine cooked meat (3x800=2400 calories) a day not to go starving. 3 kilograms. That's 6 pounds. That's the weight of 13 Big Mac-s, but no buns, salad and other stuff, just pure meat. I understand you guys want to make the game hard, so you couldn't go full realistic where a man can harvest 20 kilograms of meet from a deer. I understood that the moment I found out that every single wolf in Canada apparently has a thing for human flesh, and apparently they can also take two .30 caliber bullets to the head and still tackle a grown man. However, I think you could afford to make some return value for one of the most expensive resources in the game: bullets. Battling the elements and the wildlife should be enough, the food front should be relived a tiny bit. If you want to make the game harder, limit the length of daylight, as it should happen in Northern Canada in the winter. There are a few days in the coldest mid-winter there when the sun won't even rise.

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