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So i think this is the correct place to ask but for spawn locations I'm told 2 things about interloper
1. cant spawn in mystery lake, coastal highway, and mountain town
2. much less spawn regions in each place

are both statements true?
and if the latter is true, then does doing custom difficulty with interloper presets include the more limited spawns?

I'm asking cause I came up with a challenge idea that no matter difficulty can make you a better player in one way
but there are (with those less spawn regions in interloper) 2 ideal places (forlorn muskeg and bleak inlet) and 2 might work places (pleasant valley, desolation point) so if the custom doesnt have more limited spawns in those regions but there are limited for regions in regular interloper i'd like to know what are the limited spawns for those regions
because while i have tried this stalker for ideal ranges, i want to see if doable (even if not by me yet i have enough skill to know if doable after a playthrough) in interloper

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Correct that you cannot start in ML, CH, or MT. Your chances of spawning in HRV, TWM, and FM are also better than average. I seem to get a lot of BRP starts.There are not fewer spawn sites in each region per se, but you cannot spawn indoors like at lower levels of difficulty. However, I'm not aware that there are fewer valid outdoor spawn locations on interloper vs other difficulties.

If you want to start in a specific region to test something but play Interloper difficulty, it's actually quite easy. Choose to start a custom game. When you are at the menu to select options, just scroll to the interloper defaults at the top. Now just click once more to "Custom" and don't change any settings. You are now playing "custom" with exactly the same settings as interloper. The only differences will be that you could start with up to 5 badges instead of the 2 allowed on interloper (just leave 3 blank), you can choose your region (including those usually not allowed on interloper), and the 3 of 9 prepper bunkers will be stocked. They are usually empty on vanilla interloper. This way you could test your challenge wherever you want playing interloper difficulty in all but name.

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