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My feedback in case Hinterlands cares to know it. If you didn't play it, don't read it as it contains MULTIPLE SPOILERS:

  • Forsaken Airfield - I like map a lot because it is 'realistic' with vast open areas. What I don't really like is a frequency of glimmer fog that seriously limits exploration for people that don't know this map. After struggling with low visibility weather I decided to exit the region (while still picking up handheld radio).
  • Cave system linking ZoC with FA - I like it too, especially central part with big cave with bottom less void. Nice!
  • Zone of Contamination - I like it because it's mostly a wilderness like HRV but less confusing. Glimmer fog happens but it's not as frequent as in FA hence it doesn't really limit exploration. Only thing that I didn't like (and a reason why I write this post) is that I don't support how closed doors are implemented there. Older maps (such as MT/Milton) taught us that "key is in proximity, just look around to find it". BI (key)code was impossible to miss because it was clear that huge always-visible-building requires exploration. Now ZoC partially follows MT idea, some keys are possible to open if you look in proximity (go through toxic fog labyrinth). BUT there are some doors that expect player to finish first Tale! I burned all canisters, I explored whole ZoC map looking for keys. I ended up frustrated and resorting to google to learn about it (and breaking fun). I believe that it deserves some slight hint in map - e.g. a note left near closed door about Forsaken Airfield, e.g. mining management having some business there. It would give a hint that key is not readily available in ZoC.

Context - my experience: I'm a 400h+ player. I've finished 4 Wintermute episodes, remaining time I spent in survival splitting time 50-50 between Voyageur and Stalker. I've been to all regions on survival with exception of Blackrock.

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I'd agree with your assessment of FA. When it's clear, I love to explore it and enjoy the vast open spaces. This really gets the remote arctic vibe going. The frequency of glimmer fog kinda kills it for me since I'm forced inside. Insomnia is not a big deal because I'm not into the starvation/sleep recovery mechanic. At this point, I spend as little time as possible there. I just grab polaroids, map it (cuz I gotta map everything), fix the transmitter, and maybe do SV. I play interloper so there is no practical reason to complete the TFTFT storyline except to satisfy my completionist mentality.

ZoC I'm less a fan of. Exploring huge interiors in the dark isn't why I play TLD. Carter Dam is about my limit. I want to be outside with the beautiful scenery. Spending days in a huge mine and building system is not my cup of tea. Sure, it's a novel change of pace, but I probably won't enjoy doing it multiple times. Add a lack of protected fishing and I can't remain in ZoC long so it's a very quick visit for me.

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