Polar Dream

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  In 1988 Helen Thayer, at the age of 50, skied to the north pole as the first woman to have done so and wrote a book about it.  All her equipment was dragged in a sled behind her, and she had a companion dog (who ended up saving her from polar bears).  She faced challenges that would've killed many of us.  Her last week on the journey she barely ate because of a blizzard that tipped her sled, leaving behind only a baggie of walnuts.  She only had basic technology (gps's were experimental at the time) and no refuels, vehicles, and her only weapon was a heavy rifle that was always at risk of freezing to the point of useless.  She jumps across cracks in the oceans ice, climbs over pressure ridges, and, somehow makes it back safely.

  A thrilling read, would highly recommend.



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