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First of all, like so many others, I love the game and have a few suggestions. They may not be practical in the current state of the game, but I wanted to share them.

Fire Mechanic Changes – Fire Pit and/or Firewall

a.      It would be useful if your character could dig a small pit and create a pit fire so your fire isn’t as exposed to the wind.  If the terrain cannot be modified using Unity, then perhaps the character can create a firewall that will help protect your fire in the event the wind changes direction. It would take extra time and additional sticks, cedar or fir to construct. The firewall would not only offer wind protection, but also reflect more heat onto your character too.

2.      New Fire Instruments

a.      A new tool to create fire. Utilize your survival bow and create fire using the bow drill method.

b.      Charcloth is a known way to create your next fire more easily.  There should be a game mechanic to allow the character to sacrifice a piece of cloth to create charcloth for future fire crafting. It would require the use of the insulated flask too (giving the flask another use). Charcloth acts as an accelerant to improve the odds of successful fire and it should weigh next to nothing compared to accelerant, latern oil, or gunpowder options.

c.      Along these lines, creating feathersticks or a birds nest from cat tail heads to also improve the tinder option and odds of a successful fire.

3.      Cooking with Fire

a.      It would be cool to use maple saplings to create a tripod so you can suspend your cooking pot on top of a fire. This method over direct heat could boil water or cook faster.

Alternative Arrow Heads and Knives – Glass isn’t in the game, but it would be practical to come across it and have the ability to create glass arrow heads or knives from broken bottles. Maybe come across obsidian too in the mountain pass region or a volcanic region?

Trapping – Snares are just one way to trap. I’d like to see an additional land- based trapping mechanic. An example would be conibear traps (invented in Canada after all!) or foot-hold traps.

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