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The game is not as fun once you maxed out all your skills. I know it's a survival game, not an RPG, but the feeling that we're progressing is watch propel you to go forward instead of just hanging on a safe place "surviving". I wish there were more ranks to increase for existing skills, and also, new skills like:


Can progressively give you a chance of no spending a charcoal upon use OR, progressively reduce the weight of charcoal.

Can eventually make you not spend a charcoal for mapping

Can ultimately increase the map quality, so you can see walkable zones. Once you reach that level, you'll need to remap the locations, and the new map will gradually replacing the old one, giving you reason to revisit old maps to properly map them


Can progressively reduce the time to craft clothing

Can make you imune and also reduce progress of Cabin Fever while crafting

Can Ultimately reduce the weight of newly crafted clothing, giving you reason to recraft all your clothing. (The idea is make animal leather clothing actually useful on Stalker and bellow)


First Aid / Medicine

Can progressively reduce the recovery time of injuries and diseases

Can progressively increase the condition restored on Emergency Stim

Can ultimately let you use ruined drugs




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add Stim idea
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adding to Cartography

-Each rank could reduce the time it takes to map

-At certain rank you could see yourself in the map. (you can do it by using the spray, but it's pretty cumbersome to do, and leave a lot of marking on the map. As a limitation, it could only work on clear day, like the spray)

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