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59 minutes ago, Stuffed Plush Chainsaw said:

Now try walking. 😄

I know right? I ended up leaving half out in the hut and decorating the store front at the garage with the others. looks like I'm getting ready for a zombie hoard. XDD now if only I could find ammo. XDDD

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I don't know if it's exactly the same fishing hut (straight north from Misantrope's Homestead) but i found there about hundred Barb's Rifles.

First time there were 12 of them ,day or two later another one ,3 days later another 8 of them and then ,after i looted whole Coastal Highway and went back to check it out after little more than two weeks ,there were 76 of them ,it's pretty insane 😄

I guess it coul'd be related with beachcombing maybe cause before i went back to check it out ,i picked up quite a lot of stuff from ice and before this it looked like 2 rifles spawned per day approximately but after my beachcombing adventure it was 76 rifles in 2-3 weeks ,so it's 4-5 rifles per day.

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