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Historically accesories have worked as a very rare loot and also only ear wool wraps/crampons/moose satchel existed, creating an interesting and balanced situation for what you can wear on that slots.

The DLC have introduced 3 news accesories with different effects but with an overall bad performance vs the BiS (Best in slot) accesories.

The belt and chief holster are pointless vs the moose hide satchel, ear wool wraps have becomed completely useless even on early game and ballistic best it's more niche as ever. The DLC have ruined the accesory slot progression :/


So... if we see the items, ¿Why we can't just equip all at the same time?  

My idea it's something like an extra slot on the right side of the interface, new accesories slots related to the another body parts:

Head: Ear wool wrap

- Inner Torso: Improvised Insulation

- Outer Torso:  Ballistic vest (If this even becomes possible, a nerf/change it's mandatory)

- Pants:  Foreman's belt

- Boots:  Crampons/ Improvised crampons

- Hands:  Nothing for now.

- And the current two accesories slots, now called 'Miscelaneus':  Moose hide satchel and rifle holster.

This is something you could do IRL, and i think this change can make the tales rewards more interesting and overall makes progression better.

Actually you don't get more warmth with a system like this since the highest value it's 4 (Two insulations), you just get better weight management and other minor features. Getting a bit of additional weight capacity isn't a crazy idea considering the DLC have introduced a lot of new items.

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I think we should be able to get a item that would increase our accessories slots by 2, permanently, much like the Technical Backpack. A item like that should be hard to get, maybe something at the end of the void signal quest (which I didn't finish yet).

I agree that most accessories can't compete with Moose bag / crampons. I pretty much only keep those 2 forever

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