The new animation and hand/arm models are fantastic

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I've seen a few posts of them causing motion sickness or being clunky, but from the bit I've played so far since the update, I'm loving them. Thank you hinterland, truly. When I heard they were adding animations I was excited, but I really didn't expect them to actually add models for all hand/clothing options too. So far I've harvested bears, wolves, rabbits, moose, and deer using the hacksaw and knife. The animations for them look great in my opinion, though I haven't tried it with a hatchet or barehanded yet. Also as a side thing, something about holstering the rifle looks really nice now too.

That being said, does anyone else think we'll get any more animations, now that there's a framework for displaying hand models? Or do you think this is all we'll get? While I'd love animations for anything and everything, if Hinterland were to prioritize "essential" things to have animations for, I'd personally suggest ones for

- Lighting a fire (we do this all the time, and I think it'd add a lot to immersion)
- Harvesting wood (another thing we frequently do that would add to immersion)
- Fishing (with the overhaul to fishing, I feel like having an animation for setting our jig, and maybe for pulling up a caught fish on the line would cement fishing).

Animations I'd like, but don't exactly expect would be

- reading a book
- sharpening tools
- cleaning guns
- taking a sip from coffee/tea
- generic animation for repairs/sewing/crafting (probably just motioning your hands off screen while the proper sound plays for whatever it is you're repairing)

I don't expect we'll get animations for everything, but I'm excited for anything else they choose to animate. What about all of you? Anyone else excited about this addition? Also, do you think we'll get more animations? If so, what do you think we're likely to actually get?

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