!Carefully! Wolves have mastered teleportation!


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I was at the Lonely Marsh location and I had 6 kilograms of bear meat in my backpack! From afar I saw a wolf who turned in my direction! I sat down and threw away the meat. The wolf turned in the opposite direction and left! I picked up the meat and moved on (and I was in an open area). I was walking towards the red carriages when I heard the characteristic sound of an attacking wolf “QUACK”. I reached for my weapon, but didn’t have time! A wolf attacked me from behind, from where I was a second ago! Thankfully I fought back! But it still remains a mystery to me that I was in an open area and a wolf, even from afar, would have seen me and attacked! But there was no one around! A second ago there was no one, since there already is! Wolves have really mastered teleportation?!

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