Craftable tent?


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I keep hoping they might add a bunch more crafting recipes for the various resources, especially the hides. It would be a relatively easy way to add a bit more variety to your choices, especially in the mid-to-long game. More clothing, storage, maybe your tent - a handful of new craftable items would make a bit more use of all those piles of hides that build up in your various bases. Sure, we'll probably be able to trade them for other stuff once the trader is added (cooking ingredients? darkroom chemicals?), but it'd be nice if you actually had to weigh up what you wanted to use them for, experiment with some more varied loadouts, rather than just sorta checking off the same list of items to craft every playthrough.

And once they add the visual update to show your actual clothing, that adds another layer they could play with. Like, what if timberwolf hides were actually cosmetically different to normal wolf hides? Same wolfskin jacket, same stats, but it actually looks different because you made the effort to brave Blackrock/Bleak Inlet and tackle a pack or two.

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I like that idea of the different looking wolf skins I mean It makes sense to me, Im really interested in what the trader is gonna look like and where the location might be, the dark room update is gonna be super nice too the expansion of uses in all the craftable material would all in all make for a more immersive experience, so far Tales hasn't disappointed 

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