Counting The Days - Strange Numbers in Nomad Challenge


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I've been taking my first non-story mode steps out into the wilderness and, unable to cope without any kind of structure, I quickly reached for the reassuring checklist of the Nomad challenge and regarded it as a larger guided tour around some new locations and new transition areas.

As indicated elsewhere, I'm not rushing - I'll get to a spot, poke around inside, dump all my gear, try some new recipes and pop out to explore the surrounding area and so on. I had intended day 3 in any sport as a gentle indication that I could move on whenever rather than a starting gun for a sprint to the next location.

Having said this, I'm seeing some very inflated numbers in my "Nomad Checklist", given that I'm only on about day 35 in-game. In the earlier Pleasant Valley areas, like the Radio Control Hut, I wondered if the game had somehow folded in the time I had spent there in Wintermute, but by the time I got to Coastal Highway (not in Story Mode, obviously) for a couple of nights, I was a little alarmed to see "120 days" in my log after a particularly refreshing mid-afternoon nap. 

Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining and would be quite happy for you guys to leave off addressing this issue until I've finished the Nomad challenge and collected my 500 day challenge rewards on day 46 😄 but I still thought you should maybe know what I'm seeing.





I'm playing on the PS5 if that's of any consequence.

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