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First off Ill start by saying in my opinion this is the best game I've ever played. I'm normally into FPS with occasional deviations from that but being from Alaska and also having been through survival training and having been lost for several days having to call on those skills this game hit the mark for me. I am continually impressed by the little fire blows out when its windy, the sound of gear rustling when I'm messing with my inventory, its the little things. :) 20 minutes ago I snuck up on a wolf over a kill. I came in aiming, waiting for the charge and when it happened I drilled him between the eyes. I knew I was going to win that battle (I hoped anyway) but I looked down at my hand and I was shaking. That's the moment, the mood, and the intensity of a decision this game invokes! Now that the goods are out of the way lets talk about bugs and other stuff...


Blood trails - Either blood trails disappear or the wounded animal falls through the map, this I've noticed happens on hills or uneven terrain. I've shot wolves on the ice to see if those disappear and the blood trail never ends leading right up to where the animal fell. Testing in this way is minimal as I'm also trying to conserve ammo and not necessarily "thoroughly testing".

Gear degrading - I was able to repair most of my gear towards the latter part of a play through but my gloves were in bad shape. At some point I stopped wearing them to save for tough times. I let them sit in my inventory and even though I was not using them I did see the percentage tick down. I assume this is not an intentional dynamic but I really feel that if it is items should not degrade unless being used...although I do understand the food degrading this way though.

Food poisoning - Not sure if I am missing something but other than an audio cue and a sped up hunger bar, poisoning seems kind of not so straight forward like other medical needs. It would be nice if the med kit could auto pop up or something when it happens.

Wolf has no fear of fire - This may not be a bug but I read somewhere that fires keep wolves at bay. I was standing directly outside of a dwelling with a fire just beyond me. I was melting snow and was tackled by a wolf. I don't know if my proximity to the door made the situation weird (sometimes right outside of a door I still read the indoor temperature) or if wolves are not supposed to be kept at bay with a camp fire.


Fancy pants - I would love to have the option of hand made pants. Leather I'm sure but that would complete the "DIY" made clothing in the game. A hat would be kind of cool too but I would just like some pants please.

Spear, Atlatl, or bow - Having a weapon that is able to be crafted would be amazing. I listed the bow as last because if anyone of you is a bowyer you already know how incredibly time consuming one is to make and I'm specifically talking about the drying times although maybe after 365 days of surviving the aged wood could be made into a bow as a reward...hmmm. The first two though, those are a different story and the atlatl could be very fun especially if there was a realistic trajectory. It would truly be a weapon of skill in the game.

Camping outside or shelter from a storm - This may not be what you all are going for but there are some players (not me) that like to attempt this. As far as a temporary shelter (snow cave, lean too, ect) would be neat. If not a permanent dwelling at least to buy some extra time and lessen the elements effects.

Fishing - The cost/benefit is not very appealing. It requires wood if doing it long term, using the hatchet degrades it, and the fish caught (calories given) are not great enough to make the activity worth it at least to me. If for nothing else it would be nice to be able to break that hole open with something that I don't need for survival.

Melting snow - Why do I have to boil it? Unless my character grabs nothing but the yellow snow I do not understand the need for boiling it. This is irritating to me and as I drove home today, in a blizzard, I watched kids that had just gotten off the school bus munching on fresh powder on the side of the road. All I could think was if this was a geomagnetic disaster you kids would be dead in 12 hours. ;)

Wolves (difficulty) - Lol it would be weird to have a post that doesn't talk about these. :) I'm not complaining though but have a thought. There are three difficulty levels. An idea would be to form these as three levels for most of the different kinds of players so that everyone could have a setting that they think is fair or right. Maybe don't lable them as easy, med, hard but give them titles with explanations. Example; Medium or as Ill title it hear "Woodsman" would make risk of infection good, some chance of food poisoning when eating poor quality food, and the geomagnetic disaster has turned SOME animals into very aggressive ones towards humans. Easy would be animals act normal and run away unless defending a kill or cornered, hard would be the wildlife has experienced the full effects of the disaster and are aggressive towards anything that moves and of course the severity of all the other gameplay dynamics would raise or lower according to difficulty or theme.

Finally ill say once more this game is amazing. I would be perfectly content with all the content and gameplay as it stands right now but I know you fellas are working toward a goal. We are in alpha and the forum is here for this so I figured I would try to help and put in my two cents.

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Hello, and welcome to the forums!

Thanks for your feedback and your kind words.

As noted we are in alpha and there is a lot of tuning/changes still going on. We appreciate that you took the time to post this and it has been passed on to the dev team.

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