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Hopefully this isn't repeating, and I know you're tweaking things all the time, so hopefully this will sway you in my direction.

I'm playing in the hard mode, so if this isn't the case in the easy modes my bad for "complaining". I do believe that the quality of clothing deteriorates at much too high a rate.

I know this facilitates and accelerates the resource management (time and materials use) aspect of the game but clothes don't disintegrate after a few days just because I wore them every day. I do like the thought around extra damage from wolf attacks and I get that, but if I'm trudging around in the snow, or worse just sleeping, my pants shouldn't just rip off me. I get a lot of the clothes are not "out doors" clothes, but a premium ski jacket? or work boots? I think I've spent easily 4 days of my current 20 repairing or crafting clothes so I can go do the things I want (like explore and avoid wolves). I actually don't wear my wolf jacket because I dread the thought of having to repair it in a few days for such high cost, when cloth seem so easy to come by.

If I am to be expected to strip off all my clothes whenever I am indoors, or going to bed, so that they don't deteriorate needlessly, please implement a double click put on / take off interface in the menus :)

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