My suggestions after 3 days of playing.

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After only playing the sandbox mode (V 2.0) since a few days ago I have had a few ideas that are more based on new tools and features that may improve the game…not sure if the devs are looking for this type of feedback but I can honestly only contribute to the process on the creative side of things.

First of all awesome concept, I've always had a thing for wilderness survival and the outdoors, and this is the first game I've personally played that embodies that, closest I can think of that comes anywhere near wilderness survival (that I’ve played) are Don’t Starve, Minecraft, and The Oregon Trail which I was way too young to understand what the hell was going on half of the time. Anyways I've made a list containing few different items in game that I believe would be useful and necessary however not overpowering your abilities. Also I wouldn't be surprised if all of these have been mentioned but there is way too many pages full of different people suggesting great ideas so sorry ahead of time if turn out being repetitive with suggestions.

Here is my list in no chronological order, just typed them as I though them.

1. Snow Shoes: I originally was thinking along the lines of transportation and gas powered vehicles. However, I believe that would be inconsistent with the background story given the loss of electronics and could be overpowered depending on how it is obtained, maintained, and the amount of fuel on the maps. If these were balanced out correctly it could become a calculated risk using a vehicle (breaking down and becoming stranded in blizzard far from shelter and being greatly over encumbered due to the amount of extra weight the snowmobile could afford) On the other hand snow shoes fit in perfectly with the story and could realistically be made using only natural resources like sticks, vine, and evergreen branches. This would primarily reduce fatigue and allow for (slightly) quicker movement through the terrain and possibly allowing you to get up those steep ass hills a little easier.

2. Tent/natural shelter (lean-to): Either one or both would be a great addition for temporary shelters. Not much to explain about a tent, would function similar to a bedroll. A lean-to would be an interesting addition that should take a good few hours to build, which in these conditions would be an unrealistic choice of shelter, however its main purpose would be wind protection, meaning you could build a fire inside of it that has full protection from wind so long as you face it the proper direction. Maybe it’s just me but even in calm conditions building a fire (outside only) to combat my freezing status seems to just slow the process of freezing to death rather than increase my condition. Not sure if it was meant to work this way or maybe it’s so gradual I fail to notice a difference, but logically thinking have a sheltered fire would allow you to have a fire almost anywhere and also would direct the heat toward your player.

3. The ability to get wet: This seems most easily done by adding a freezing rain weather condition. More in depth ways to implement this would be sweating, believe it or not you can sweat quite a bit in cold weather with all that gear on and physical exertion. Therefore in some of those less severe conditions, if not properly paced you will sweat, my general point for the ability to get wet is because water freezes so imagine soaking wet clothes in these conditions…they freeze. The other way this could be implemented is if the “weak ice” was more of a feature than at this point a map boundary (this actually ties in with snow shoes [distribute weight among surface] if the devs plans are to expand on the weak ice concept then sow shoes would help get across these areas) I haven’t fallen through the ice yet as I quickly made way to solid ground and experienced a bug that had the “weak ice” notice and sound stuck on my screen, but if you can pull yourself from the water then your wet meter would go up forcing you to remove clothes and dry yourself and gear by fire, possibly destroying things or degrading conditions (like matches) In my opinion getting wet is a huge factor realistically that most wouldn't consider just not sure how large or doable this would be on the programming/developing side of things at this point.

4. Map/compass: Definitely one that many have suggested so I’ll keep it short. I have seen what looks like a shredded map in bunkers, maybe they plan to add it in a way that you find pieces. However as far as how this works I think the best way would be a single random spawn for a completed map or a spawn of blank paper with pen and compass that would fill in areas as you find them (Minecraft map except you have to find it first)

5. Bear Traps: I have heard talk about bears being added, yet I haven’t seen one yet so can anyone enlighten me on this? Anyways naturally adding bears means bear traps, right? Would work on all predatory animals like wolves and bears at this point. Function is self-explanatory but would work just like small game traps; However would require a final shot in the head as in my opinion for the sake of realism (unless the animal has been trapped and goes unchecked for over 48 hours) you would find an alive and pissed of bear/wolf in your trap.

6. Smoker: Another self explanatory suggestion, build a smoker (not sure on what the items would be but just scrap metal would be good enough) Basically smoke your fresh meat to greatly extend its life. This would take at least 8 hours to complete, would like to have certain tasks like melting/boiling snow/water or any task that wouldn't require your full attention, like say repairing items or crafting would obviously require your time but boiling water and cooking should be more hands off in the background allowing you to multi-task certain activities. For example, boil water or smoke meat while you do a hands on task like forage wood or make some deerskin boots. Regardless to multi-tasking a smoker would be a nice addition

7. Sled: I believe this has been mentioned but it was in the context of riding a sled down hills for transportation…not sure I’m with that one. But having a “cargo” sled is another thing. This would allow you to store and transport more gear by pulling a sled, in return for reducing conditions (mostly fatigue) although only if you go over the weight limit. Visually just having a classic sled that is enclosed and has a little hatch on the top would be enough so “showing every last item” arguments could be avoided. Lets say you got the 30kg on your back, the sled could afford another 10kg without tiring your player any more than normally unless you go over the weight limit then fatigue sets in much quicker. This would also slightly slow player down but cancel or reduce out with snowshoes ;)

8. More nature: More species of plants and animals to hunt and gather. Maybe a new weapon like bow and arrow as that could be created with natural elements (to balance out arrows as they would be realistically unlimited a certain item needed could be had to find (like if they added sap or arrowhead stones they could be limited or hard to come across like bullets.) Also poisonous plants would be cool, like the rose bushes and mushrooms could have another plant that closely resembles these edible plants besides a slight difference in appearance making you learn what traits are to avoid like say the poisonous shrooms had a specific color underneath or a slightly brighter red tone that would indicate its poisonous to the trained eye.

And that’s all folks, thanks to anyone who read even the first paragraph as it likely took more energy to read through all this than it took me to type it up. I did have a few more things to suggest (related to trail of blood from player if wounded and my feelings on NPC’s and multiplayer in which I think MP should be excluded as I believe the devs have no plans on including anyways, and if NPC’s are added there should be maybe one and even then you may never interact with this character physically (maybe a hallucination at most, that tells the story). Also I like the strength meter people have suggested.

I’d like to close this by saying awesome game that had my name all over it, and can’t wait for what Hinterland has in store for the future of this project regardless if any of these suggestions are fulfilled.

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