Fatigue, stamina, and animals


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After +80 hours into the game i found out this things that i dislike the most.

-Fatigue bar burns down so fast after running and it demands you to sleep like a baby, which doesnt make much sense. You can be active for few hours and then need a 12 hours sleep to recover. Not realistic, but gameplay wise its also bad.

-There should be a separation between "sleep demand" and "stamina". Stamina should be stronger with good nutrition and less weight, and allow you to run for longer periods, chop wood or wherever, and recover faster. The sleep demand should be stable, something like 8 hours.

-Coffee is too strong item in the game right now, specially because of the things i said above

-Wolves doesnt attack. Not even in the hardest difficulty in story mode. They just track you down and you keep walking like nothing, which is kinda absurd to me. They only attack if you let them too close, but thats easy to avoid.

-The game needs some more animals to feel more alive. A goose or some flying animal that you can shoot from the ground with a rifle, a mountain goat, lynx, beaver?


I thing the pace of the game is what needs more improvement and would make the game a much more intense experience at every level. I just let you my thoughts. The game is cool, it has so much potential still. And Hinterland is still supporting the game after many years which is nice. 

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