Essential QoL - Indefinite preservation of food, renewable gun cleaning kits, unlocking items for interloper,


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I think the game really needs some way to preserve food indefinitely beyond the cheese of dropping meat on the ground outside and eating with cooking 5

Currently your only "reliable" thing to do is to not eat any of the crackers you find, and store the few cattails in your safehouses.

I don't know how it should work exactly, but the outside is literally freezing, same with the indoors most of the time. I don't think you need to add some salt mechanic.


Gun cleaning kits also need to be craftable from renewable resources. Somebody on the wiki suggested cloth and oil or something?

In any case, I would suggest, Hinterland, that you think about more than beachcombing, or maybe expand on it? I think it's great for immersion, and I wouldn't want that broken either.


Finally, I think locking some items from interloper seems like a shame. Maybe make 2 spawns of the absolute best items in total for the entirety of Great Bear Island

And when items are ruined, don't make it impossible to fix them. Just make it require a lot more material and time. That is my suggestion. I think the possibility of indefinite survival makes the game much better without breaking immersion.


On one hand, the difficulty that comes with the challenges in the game is fantastic, but I also want to overcome the challenges and feel like a badass. Preparedness is absolutely a neccesary mechanic.

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