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What do you think is the Minimum time to Explorer 100% of the Locations without Mapping? 

before ac was Released i was able to make it in 39 days without the Locations you Need the aurora to Access. but i wasted about 2 days with crafting a hatchet For That one Spot in hrv where you have to Remove the Scrub Bushes and a Bow and a handfull of arrows For Those stupid t wolves . Also i got Turned around in a blizzard at Night on my way From the Long Curve to Signal hill. Got Too far to the left and Ended up on the Rocks Above the Bears Cave. Had have Had to wait there the Whole Night before i Knew where i was.

i think including ac and without crafting and mistakes you can still make ist in Less than 40 days.

difficulty was loper but Would be interresting to try it on lower difficulties.

never Tried on deadman Since im just Hunting For the Stims. But less than 100 days should be doable

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