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Hello Hinterland and everyone, I totally forgot I was on this lol.

I've watched friend play this since it started on pc and finally got it myself on xbox gamepass 0layed first episode then bought the game yheeha love the game to bits, well I got friend's playing it now and last month I'm sure I seen on xbox they asked what people would like to see added to game. There was alot of people asking for a compass. Please do NOT add a compass to this game, to me that would take so much away from the game, bla bla bla lol. I think a new map with a new enemy of the wildlife would be nice to see, like B.I. has the timber wolves pack maybe new map could have a wildcat, I know Canada has the Bobcat, Canada Lynx and cougar so 8 think that would be nice or a other Human that makes the map a death trap and game of hunting you down and you can't see him/her haha they are a master if stealth hunting and booby traps haha. JUST PLEASE DON'T ADD A COMPASS 

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