after the long dark survey. thoughts and mobile game

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hallo, as I'm sure most everyone else has done I recently read the newest dev diary talking about episode four and its progress. at the end of the post they ask for a few moments of your time to complete a questionnaire about the future of the long dark, on one question you were asked to rank what you wanted the most, you had several options to chose from. and my favorite I must say was about a mobile game, which might seem small to them, but I have been waiting for the long dark as a mobile game all the way back in 2015 when "paulsoaresjr" did his original play through of the long dark. up until recently I had no computer or gaming system that could be used for the long dark and so I download cheap knockoff after cheap knockoff of the game I loved so much hoping and waiting. so in conclusion I acknowledge that they only included that as an example but still, seeing that made my day and I hope it becomes reality,

thank you for your time.

the cabins trapper:hatchet:

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