If you have a friend who plays and is kind of evil/brilliant. Try this.


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I now play only custom survival games which my friend sets up for me, she changes all the settings to challenge me then sends me a code, I put the code in press confirm + random and experience a whole new adventure without knowing what I am facing this time.

I stream all my TLD playthroughs (disabled and multiple mental health issues meaning I can only game if my mind is focused on a stream) so people get to see I never check the settings.

She may have removed pistol, lowered regen, increased cold.

It isn't evil because it is always balanced. in some way or other.

Yes most playthroughs start at midnight with a blizzard and not even a lighter or bedroll but she will usually set the loot to maximum so I get rewards if I make it to a house or cave.

Sometimes she sets it to endless night, first time was hilarious, I battled through a blizzard in coastal highway,  ended up in a house and thought, no light I will just stand here in the doorway and rest till morning but no morning came and I had no light!

Other times she made animals be passive but never told me and I never figured it out because who gets close enough to wolves or bears for them to run away from you!

This last time is the best currently on day 86 I think, I started the playthrough and found some rifle and pistol bullets, I was sooo frikken happy after all she usually removes one or the other I never get both rifles and pistols in my games, so I am thinking to balance this how fcuked am I what did she decide for me to balance this, then I noticed, I hadn't seen a rabbit, come to think of it I hadn't seen or heard a wolf or deer, and she starts laughing in stream on chat knowing I just figured out she removed all animals from fish to moose no animals at all, now that might sound easy mode until you realise most of my playthroughs revolve around sustainable food fishing or hunting. Limited supply of guts and deer hide from carcases found so sustainable clothing of highest tier is problematic, then I say hmm okay looks like its cattails and she shows me the wiki excerpt showing that cattails don't respawn, oh and she added I found out later, world getting colder over time, 0 regen ability  (28 days in I still had damage from that first night) birch bark works but pixels of health at a time and.... cabin fever..

I am bloody well loving it :D

After 500+ hours in game having her help me like this keeps the game so fresh.

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