"The Long Dark" (Fan-made Song)

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Hello, everyone! I've been a big fan of TLD ever since its pre-production days when I helped back it on Kickstarter. Since then I've enjoyed every bit of story and gameplay that has come our way, and was inspired to compose a bit of music because of it. As of right now, this is only an instrumental track, though I do hope to add a vocal part sometime in the future. I took cues from the game's fantastic original soundtrack and structured the song primarily around the guitar, piano, and violin.

The video itself was stitched together with clips from the official Hinterland YouTube page, so nothing there belongs to me. I simply wanted a way to express my thanks to all of those who worked and continue to work on the game, and since I'm not much of an artist, I figured this would be the better way to go.

Hopefully you enjoy it, and have fun surviving the Quiet Apocalypse!


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