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One of the things that I find really immersing about TLD is the soundscape-the howling wind, sound of footsteps on different surfaces, creaking bridge, howling wolves in the distance (or right behind you)-- these all add to the feel of the environment.

Also, I find that the game is a contrast of dire conditions (e.g. blizzard, fog), and beautiful ones (e.g. clear days, sunrises and sunsets). The dire conditions make you appreciate the beautiful ones that much more!

To get to the point, I think the clear, calm weather could use a few more ambient sounds that are inline with clear calm winter weather. Though winter can be a quiet time, what comes to mind is some bird calls, e.g. Chickadees.. they're common woodland inhabitants throughout the year in the north. Their call is somewhat cheerful (, and makes me think of sunny winter days. I know its a survival game, and is not meant to be cheerful per se, but just as the dire conditions make the beautiful conditions more appreciated, so too do the beautiful conditions make the dire seem more dire...

Anyway, it's not a major thing, just an idea--they've done a really good job with sound so far, and there have been some recent additions.

TL;DR. Add some more ambient sounds to the very quiet times to add to the environmental complexity, e.g. bird calls

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