An Alternative Use for Accelerant (and Also Handwarmers.)


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So. you've gotten pretty deep into your play through. Maybe you already Have the [Firemaster Feat]( or have hit a high level of firemaking in your run the old fashioned way. Starting fires is borderline trivial, so whats the point of keeping around all that accelerant? sure. keep 1-2 on your person just in case you get stuck on your journey for that technical backpack, or when the surprise blizzard comes around. But do you really need the 10 or so that is so easy to accumulate late into a game?

In my humble opinion, No. so what can we do about that? 

Enter Handwarmers. Handwarmers! those things every Canadian worth their salt keeps at least 1 or 2 of in a first aid kit, car glove box, or outdoor sports bag? We need em!

I propse adding 3 types. [The Standard disposable "shake and heat" packets]( , [The Reusable "Boil recharge" packets]( , And finally the main event, [The Lighterfluid powered handwarmer](

These three options on their own have unique use cases in the game, and the final one being a "sink" for accelerant.


- Pros: Lightest option, Most common of the three, Last the 2nd longest per "activation", do not require a flamesource to activate.

- Cons: Single use, Have a "spool up time" before they begin producing heat, at a Low condition have chance to fail upon use, Provides the least Heat.

> "boilable" 

- Pros: Lighter than the Refilable, Reusable by boiling in a pot or salvaged can, provides Heat instantly upon activation, more common than the Refilable

- Cons: Heavyier than the Disposable, Un-repairable (meaning has a fixed number of uses when found), Chance to activate accidently when in a struggle or when spraining/ falling, Requires a fire, Water, and a boiling Vessel to recharge, Much more rare than the disposable


- Pros: More Durable than the Boilable, Can be repaired with tools, Provides the most heat, Provides Heat the longest per activation.

- Cons: Heaviest of the Heaters, Consumes Accelerant, Requires a flame source to activate like a torch, Rarest of the heaters, Accelerant evaporates over time when not in use if filled. 

Using any one of these items would give a bonus to the users feels like temperature, and possibly be held in the hand or placed inside of gloves or socks to stave off frostbite to those areas. 

I think these 3 items fit the game setting extremely well, Have Reasons why one would chose one over another, Give enough content to be a meaningful addition to add in an update alongside other survival equipment, the 3 tiered nature allows for the higher tier options to be locked out of interloper while still adding value to that difficulty with the disposables, and provide a good use for accelerant while we are at it. 

Thankyou for coming to my ted talk. If this receives a positive response, i have other ideas rocking around in my head i'd be happy to writeup. 

Stay warm out there!

(Copy pasted from my Reddit thread, so sorry if there is formatting weirdness) 

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