Big Game Hunt - Notorious Monsters.


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First off, as my first post in these forums, let me say that I have had a fantastic time exploring the Hinterlands. It's been challenging often because of circumstances, or at other times because I get too comfortable and bored.

I've been wondering in which direction the game will advance? Will they add more resources so that the 100+ day gamer will be able to survive even longer? Or will they make conditions even more strict so that 100+ day gaming is only possible for the elite few?

Actually, I have a suggestion, something called a "Big Game hunt" or a "Notorious Monster"

Basically the idea is that in certain locations like the Bunker spawns, there's a somewhat small chance of a "Large" or "Colorful" (Wolf, Bear, Rabbit) spawning that is more difficult and challenging than normal mobs that yields much larger rewards, like resources (Scrap metal, Tool Kits, maybe even a more precise weapon).

So, when someone gets comfortable with their resources, they could challenge themselves with a harder hunt, vs a tough animal, with a greater reward. There could be various Big Game Hunts on each map, heck, some of them could even be predators.

Anyway, thank you very much for a great game!

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