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Could we have a large map which chooses from potential structure placements. So it's a pre made map and the map chooses to put down 10 structures out of 30 potential places. The map will have to balance the structure distances and items. This way, once the player knows the map. They will still have you risk going on journeys to houses which may or may not be there.

Other small things, can you pause the time if you are crafting or what not when starting to lose condition and have the option to keep going or cancel.

Maybe a option for the amount of wolves for other people. I don't need it, I really enjoy the balance and have only played on stalker. It will be even better the more you flesh it out. Really great work and will always be excited what your company does from now on. And having solid snake on board is awesome.

For Vr, I suspect oculus with come out with a cheap ir hydra type device. Please redo the controls and make it feel natural. You should almost be able to do all actions expect crafting without a menu.



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