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Qtip808/Xbox One

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To: Developers 

In my humble opinion you’ve developed/published one of (if not the best) first person survival games, I’m over my forty’s and have played TOO MANY subpar multiplayer games that have the same maps and are annoying to “old school” gamers like myself. We are the gamers with disposable income  and choose what our kids play.You  have made a GREAT story mode and “sandbox” modes in “The Long Dark so PLEASE continue adding to this game, if not at least released DLC. It would be EXCELLENT if you made a post apocalyptic game. First person (as in “The Long Dark”), gathering resources, building a group/home to defend, gather resources, choose to play alone/or with friends, and I’m positive that not onl only myself  wants a TRUE experience  in a game that honestly deals with “zombies,” interpersonal relationships , on top of previously mentioned content. I’m now an Army combat soldier retired from  service. I don’t really play run/gun games. I’m far from being alone on this view. Kids and adults would like to play a game where your name is “Nick”. I know it’s extremely hard to do any creative projects at this time. Make the “bones” of such a game and KICKSTARER/Investors would get EXTREMELY excited! 😊 🎉👍🏼 I know I’m using run on sentences and almost writing a PLEASE make the proposed game “If you build it they will come.” All “Long Dark” fans will break down doors to get it along with SO many gamers that are SO tired of recycled games. Thank you decelopers for “listening” and releasing “The Long Dark” that is a SOLID 4,5 stars in my book!

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