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Hello friends, I thought of a wonderful idea, a climbing feature, anything from a range of rock climbing, hill climbing, or tower climbing (for surveying). This would be a neat thing to do to add more realism because throughout the game there have been times where I have been like, I could climb that small slope in real life.

How would this be properly implemented?
Well, in my view how I would see it is that the player would need four key items in order to start climbing:

A sharp tool, like a hatchet or an axe. A rope, a carabiner, and a harness.

The player can find these items throughout the world or even just craft them with the proper material. In order to be able to climb the player can't have an overweight backpack or no more than five over the limit.

A break time for climbing, the player can get tired if low on calories or even having a heavy pack and this can affect their climbing speed.

There is a potential for the climbing gear to break: When the percentage of the quality of the gear is used overtime there is a potential to break and you can fall, fall high enough and you'll die. And when the player reaches to an unreachable point they can't go any higher.

Lifting from the edge: lifting yourself from the edge after reaching the top should be dangerous too, for example you can get to the top and all of the sudden encounter a bear and a wolf which would make you regret climbing. The player will also have to have enough calories to lift themselves up, if not they can fall from exhaustion.

Lowering after a fail climb: The player may get to a certain point where they realize they can't climb any higher due to low calories or a dangerous encounter and want to retreat. They will have to lower themselves with their harness or gradually climb down.

The player can climb in the dark but it will be extremely hard to see.

This may already be a topic not sure, but I hope I was able to explain it properly. I hope this doesn't seem game breaking in anyway, feel free to have suggestions and I'll add on to this.
Now I know that there's lots of factors to think about, but until we get there, we can keep it simple.

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