Markers are deleted


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I recorded a short video with a bug.
Here are the important time codes:
  00:14-00:15 I open a map, my markers are here.
  01:05-01:06 my markers are here
  01:57-01:58 my markers are here
  03:05-03:10 my markers ARE GONE!
  03:41-04:16 I show my map in detail
Later I precisely understood the reason for the appearance of the bug with the removal of markers. 

Here are two screenshots. I saw how the marker turned into a BLOOD STAIN of a wolf (first screenshot). At this time, all the markers on the map disappeared. Then I re-entered the game without saving and the marker was in place (second screenshot).


screen_(423, 369, 1533)_e754e88e-032d-438f-8778-679358afb3f0.png

screen_(423, 369, 1533)_3f745bc0-5785-4e4c-8997-b9146ce054c6.png

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