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Great game, even at this stage!

No search results for this so;

- Well done to auto place the cursor on the take command during storage searches!! Could you please consider integrating double clicks? Actions such as wear for clothing or eat/drink* would reduce the clunkiness involved with the point click method. Also, same thing with transferring objects between player/storage as this also is tedious.

* (with a possible check on current calorie count and a confirmation request if calories gained would exceed limit ie; be wasted)

- Can you please do something about the item names, at least for sorting. Cottons Socks and Wool Socks for example, are sorted at opposite ends of the list, however its the same thing. Perhaps "Socks, Cotton" and "Socks, Wool".... Or the option to have it this way at least please.

- Not sure which category, wolves or sound/interface...anyway. The wolf howling volumes are not distance scaled... Rather obtrusive when the same volumes are applied at 30m and 100m...imho.

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