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My girl and I joked a bit about some other condition bars that you might see in the game - not this game - just thought it was a fun subject so it's not in the the wish list of course. Below are some we came up with please add your own :]

Insanity Bar - you are alone for days with nothing but dead bodies around, as the insanity bar raises Will's comments get real goofy

Adrenaline Bar - When Will is surrounded by threats time slows down, running speed increases, and accuracy is near perfect.

Confidence Bar - bad things happen Will gets bummed, find a MRE and a pile of wood things are looking brighter

Vegan Bar - Eat no meat and this bar climbs but you lose all your hair and it affects the Insanity Bar

Curiosity Bar - killed the cat right?

Distance Bar - How far has Will traveled(prolly not a bar but an integer)

Breakfast Bar - hmm pancakes...

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