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here are some features that came into my mind, surviving in the long dark.

- areas with snow of different depth which can slow you down and get you wet; possible solution: crafting snow shoes

- slipping on ice

- snow slabs or even avalanches: a hideous threat in snowy mountains

- snow blindness; solution: crafting a basic snow goggles (leather blindfold with slits)

- crafting spears: defending your self against 60-80 kg of muscle and yaws, a spear might give you one, but only ONE chance to thrust. so it might chase off the charging wolf or even kill it (maybe upgrade possible). though it’ll be only useful in a frontal charge and will be not much help much against a pack.

- offering one arm defending a frontal wolf attack, what only makes sense if you have a close-quaters weapon (the knife, hatchet? ;). in that case tougher clothes can offer more time until health damage takes full effect. And even then you've got not much.

- crude bow and/or sling shot for hunting. the latter for small game. big game will run quiet a distance, even if hit well with the former.

- crafting a torch: gives light & can be used to keep wolves at bay

- crafting a sledge (maybe different types): will allow you to carry more stuff or a deer carcass or at least lower your energy consumption for transport.

- small trees & shrubs: not necessarily as crafting resource, but for visual ambiance or coverage while creeping up on game

- different detection radius according to wind direction (hunt and get hunted)

- birch tree tinder or even birch tar: the latter is to be harvested in a sort of cooking process (use an empty tin) and gives a quiet good glue

- different types of injuries (e.g. gaining a cut as result of crafting gaffe)

- using game’s bones as resource: marrow as good food; bones for knifes and needles

- freezing water in bottles (I guess i would take one close to the body to keep it from freezing. But the rest …)

- touring ski: One should think to find them in houses of a mountain region. Good for traveling or crossing thinner ice.

- sound of cracking ice (distorted sound if cracks are springing in a big, but not too thick plate of ice): an ambiance that might add a spooky feeling while if crossing frozen lakes

- sliding down hills on your bottom (or on a leather): gets your clothes wet but might be a fast but risky getaway

- charcoal from fires as crude substitute for antiseptics

- coal to be found in houses for long burning fires

- if booze is ever introduced: it has a dehydrating & cooling effect in the end

Thank you for creating such formidable thrilling game ;)

Take care,


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