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Just something to keep in mind when polishing stuff. You know the fog breath effect that comes about sometimes? I really like it, it's a nice touch, and I believe the atmosphere and immersion of this game is one of its core strengths becasue it's what keeps me wandering about mystery lake searching every corner of the land. But a few things about it don't feel right.

First off, is it randomly triggered provided you're outdoors? Seems like so long as I'm outside, it has a chance to trigger. Whatever the rules, it currently serves as a reminder that it isn't always there. Like, "Oh! Hey, there's condensation from my breath because it's so cold! Wait, why did I only notice that now, and why isn't my character breathing anymore? Where has it gone?"

Of course, in its current implementation it would be annoying if you were puffing out clouds of mist every few seconds, obscuring your vision in front of you. Because in all honesty you probably wouldn't notice your breath misting if you were moving forward at a reasonable pace, or if there was any decent amount of wind. Curiously, both those appear to be possibilities at current. It hangs in the air in front of you irrespective of what you're doing. Am I correct in assuming it's a static animation overlaid on the screen, and not an entity in its own right?

Essentially that's what I'm thinking of here. A dynamic effect that can serve as another indicator of ambient temperature and condition. If you're slowly trudging up a steep snowbank with a full pack, the slow pace and demanding effort makes your heavy breathing more noticeable. If you're sprinting along the road you wouldn't notice it... Until you hop in a car and your breathing take a little while to slow, fogging up the windscreen. When a snowstorm hits the wind is strong enough you can't see your breath at all, but when you bust into a cabin half freezing and madly try to light a fire, your short, ragged breaths are misting in front of you. Then as the room warms up the condensation is gone.

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Being a man With a beard is a plus no, xcept when Your breath solidifies on Your face. This can actually cause wounds and/or infections on Your face especially if subjected to harsh weather time and time again.

I really like the breath in the car thing.

could apply to Windows in indoor locations also...but thats just dreaming :)

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