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Might as well use this as a test post!

I got hold of The Long Dark a few months back. I've just been away from home for a month and I've just come back. Looking forward to experiencing all the new changes to the game. As an aspiring developer for IOS it's really interesting to watch a professional devs game change from version to version and reading through the forums here it's great to see a community help sculpt an experience.

So far I'm a big fan of the game, even through the questionable changes to some of the mechanics previously the game was still fun (eating 5 granola bars an hour to stay alive whilst wrapped up warm in a cabin) and as the issues continue to be ironed out it's good to see that Hinterland are consistently making good decisions in the long run. It gives me confidence that the game will be suitably immersive and atmospheric, the way I like my games, when it comes to official release time.

Right I've said too much.

tl;dr Hi my name's Chris and I love this game.

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