Bad Weather Clothes (off topic post from bug report)


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Well, remember that, if I'm understanding the story proper, this area's already been picked through by scavengers before. Else we'd find full drawers of clothing, plenty of food stock in every home, and a rifle over every mantelpiece.

I don't seem to be getting the detrimental clothing effects every one else has....possibly because I play it smart and stay inside during a blizzard? I mean....that's what you would do in real life, right? Gather as much supplies as you can during the calm and wait out the storms?

In any event, I do not think this is a bug.....more a playtest feedback issue.

Hey, I tried to stay in! I even ordered pay per view. But I had to go out to the roof and fix that darn dish, it was filled with snow and pointed the wrong way. I didn't know I would get lost, what with the blinding blizzard blowing. But like any sensible man desperate for his wrestling, I flailed about until I found something. All I really remember after the concussion I suffered was that it and I played a little ruff and tumble and we both limped away more appreciative of our gift, life.

All that, or maybe I just didn't have enough supplies to sit and outlast the endless ongoing relentless storm.

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Share on other sites mean you haven't been isolated to the point where you've started naming individual wood grains and having long political debates with them? BACK IN THE CABIN WITH YOU!!!

BTW John, Greg, Sasha, Mana, and Jamal say hi and want to know what your stance on increasing the grit of sandpaper is. Lucas is opposed and Samual's on the fence about it. I mean....he's a of course he'd be on the.....aaaaah you get my point.

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