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This game is great, love the atmosphere, art style, and the music. Just have some suggestions though.

1. The damn dark. Windows are probably covered with snow/dust, and don't let in much light, but couldn't the character wipe it quickly and let in lots of light? Would lessen the strain on my eyes that's for sure.

2. More fireplaces in houses. It's the Northern Canadian Wilderness, you'd expect fireplaces (barrels, pot stoves, etc.) in most, if not, all of the households. Can't imagine a people living up there without a roaring fire during the winter.

3. Requested many times already by other people, the ability to craft basic things. Gather some wood, rocks, and find some string in houses, and you have a bow, albeit rather shoddy.

4. Finding better backpacks/containers.

5. Maybe the ability to upgrade your clothing with cloth, or something else, that would add to the defense it gives you against the cold, wolf attacks, etc.

6. Waking up before just randomly dying in your sleep. I doubt a person would sleep through a fatal experience, however fatigued. I slept for 10 hours the other day in a hut, and just died of the cold (although now that I think back, that wasn't such a hot idea. (geddit)).

That's all I can (and want to) think of for now.

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