Ammo is multiplying


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[offtopic]I'm going to regret this, and some may hate me for reporting it...[/offtopic]

Most fortunately, my ammunition count is growing. I don't know how. I'm going to have to watch very carefully to see when it occurs.

I had lost a fair amount in the update to v.166, so I'm quite happy to see 10 rounds more in my bag than I had. Trust me, I would remember picking up a box, I haven't.

It had gone from 6 to 16 (YAY!), and now I see it has jumped again to 28. (This is freakin' awesome!!)

[offtopic]*asks self* Why am I reporting this?!? I'm gonna hate myself in the morning.[/offtopic]

I'll add a reply here when I figure it out.

Or, please advise how you would like me to proceed. (Like by shutting up and enjoying the free ammo.)

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