Fishing trip gone wrong


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My plan for the day was to head out on a bright sunny morning and catch some fish. So I walked from my cabin down to the coastline and headed to a fishing hut on the ice. I caught one fish, and it was starting to get cold, but I figured I could stay another hour and catch one more. It was then that the blizzard hit, a total white-out. I was freezing, my condition dropping rapidly. I had no wood for the stove so I just ran straight into the white abyss and hoped I was heading toward the shore. Luckily I saw the snowy banks ahead and the shadowy silhouettes of trees. I ran over the banks and to the nearest cabin, hoping that a wolf wasn't waiting in that swirling white mass, then rushing inside and closing the door behind. With relief I started a fire and had a nice fish dinner before heading to bed.

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