a fish bug or as intended?


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Hey guys.....

first off love your game! its so much fun and now that the wolves are stronger its a challenge again:-)

my issue is can it be possible that the weight/cal ratio of the fish you catch is a bit off? dont want to be picky but your encumbered fast if you fish for a longer time period...ill show you an example...

the venison is 1 kilo lighter and has 300 cal more:-)

i know that fish are heavy but if thats the right weight you might want to change venison:-)

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I caught a Coho salmon at 4.4kg, Sweet I thought 1300 ish calories. Got it back, cooked it then was horrified to find that it had gone down to 588 calories. Is this right or Bug ? some of the smaller rainbow trout ended up at less than 200 calories, some only just over 100 calories. It's working out about 150 calories, per kilo of fish. compare that to the 700 and 800 of wolf and deer respectively, Jeez even rabbit is better at 450 a kilo. Just seems a little low

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