4 Days of Night- Play Anywhere Xbox/PC

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So I own this game for XboxOne. Great game and I have loved the 4 days of night event in the past. In my experience it is the best limited time event I have played.

Anyway I used the play anywhere feature of Microsoft to install this on my PC, which I assume that technically it is the Xbox Version? Anyway I cannot access 4 Days of Night. My suspicion is that it is because it is technically not the XboxOne version is this correct?

It's okay, I understand why I can't play on my PC, I just have more opportunity to and I think I will end up missing the event if I can only do on my Xbox. Can you confirm?

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Thanks for your post, cdmassey987! That's correct -- The Four Days of night event is a bit of an experiment and is only available on a few platforms -- Steam, Xbox One, and Steam. While the Windows version can access saved games from Xbox One, it's a different platform and doesn't have 4DoN support.

That said, we'd like to expand our ability to run limited-time events like these and if there's a lot of interest from players, we might be able to bring them to Windows in the future. :)

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