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I chased a stag towards a wolf on the mystery lake, the wolf killed the stag, I ran to the wolf, he attacked me and I killed him with the hunting knife with on almost fully charged stab. Little red riding hood (that is what I call her) was rested, neither thirsty nor hungry and at 98% condition before and 84% condition after the fight (so much about wolves being OP).

The thing is the damn wolf is still growling (I wrote "Little red riding hood was here" on his pelt, maybe that is why). Sorry I can't make a video but I have seen this several times with the latest version. I searched for "wolf" and "dead" and also looked at the top pages of the sub-threads, but I couldn't see any reports of this obvious sound bug.

Edit 1: Just to let you know after harvesting both meat and hide the wolf is quiet. I have done both in a row, so I don't know which one the trigger was, or if it was just time passing by.

Edit 2: Sorry I am wrong, this tough son of a bitch is still growling.

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Hi there,

the following happened:

  • I was attacked by a wolf and survived
  • the wolf ran away
  • I followed the wolf and found it eating a rabbit
  • I ran towards the eating wolf and attacked it by myself
  • the wolf died after one of my first strokes
  • THE SOUND OF THE EATING WOLF DID NOT STOP, although he was laying dead in front of me, also after hours of harvesting it's meat

Hope that helps


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Confirming, I had this exact issue the other day shortly after I made it to the Trapper's Homestead. There was one wolf, and two stags in the area below the cabin; went around, scared one stag towards the wolf and let nature take its course. I then shot the wolf from a fairly long distance away (mostly because after v.152 at the time I didn't want to be ANYWHERE NEAR a wolf), was relieved to see the wolf go down, so I walked up and built a multipurpose fire. While doing so however, I heard wolf growls and I suppose "eating" sounds. Freaked me right the eff out at first, but not enough to make me abandon my haul.

Harvested both corpses for meat/hides, and guts from the stag, all the while enduring some unnerving wolf sounds...

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