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I wanted to suggest more diseases

lice* (no basic hygiene)

tooth abscess (too many candy bars and no toothbrush) -> requires pulling tooth

scury (no vitamin-C intake) -> requires for example pine needle tea

frostbite (could be related to the condition of shoes/gloves and exposure times?) -> requires treatment, in later stages amputation?

pneumonia (again something related to clothing / running)

*Before making this post I had a severe laughing fit, because I imagined someone's reaction seeing the game ending screen: "You died from pubic lice"

I also suggest disease has different degree of severity. Could have 2 or 3 grades: mild, serious, severe (life threatening)

A mild disease untreated coud deteriorate to serious and then to severe.

One should not die from diarhhea and food poisoning 99% of the time, even when not taking antibiotics. One day in bed, unable to do any work is already a severe punishment.

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I like the idea of more diseases, for example frostbite, pneumonia, etc, as you said.

However, I recon there shouldn't be very specific diseases that not everyone might know. Everyone knows food poisoning and dehydration, etc., but not everyone knows all of those (I'm not speaking for myself).

I also think frostbite (if it's added) shouldn't require amputation, simply for the fact that if you amputated your arm you'd surely die, so there's no point in doing it.

I quite like the idea of the severity, but I don't think all mild diseases should have the risk of evolving into severe ones, they could have a 5-15% possibility of getting worse.

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Well, I am sure the developers have thought of most things I mentioned and the specifics would need to be worked out.

Though it would crack me up if I could get credit for pubic lice.

Amputation for frostbite is certainly not a whole arm or a leg. But sometimes toes have to be amputated.

And I think that toe amputation and pulling teeth would go perfectly in sync with the "how far would you go" motto.

Btw an interesting anecdote. During the 50s or 60s a Soviet polar explorer fell ill with appendicitis. He was completely alone in the antarctic station with no help in sight, so he removed his own appendix with the help of a mirror, survived and made it into the medical history books.

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