[SOLVED] Lighting / Shadows issue


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Whenever I am indoors, I occasionally have these lighting / shadow issues. They seem to act like a static object, in that when I move they stay in the same place. It is most problematic at the hydro dam, as in the majority of the area it takes up the entire top half of my screen. Lighting a fire or lantern does nothing, and can even themselves be obscured. I am uploading some sample images from the office cabin.

This first image is the problem


This second image is me rotating the camera to left left a couple of degrees (not moving)


This third image is me taking a few steps forward, and as you can see it disappears.


I play on medium settings, and other than this lighting / shadow issue the game plays well. No lag, smooth FPS, quick loading times.

I am running an i5 laptop @ 2.8GHz 8GB RAM with integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 (BIOS set to dedicated 512mb RAM) Win 7 x64-bit

My graphics drivers are up to date, and DIrectX is as well.

Graphics properties are set to "use application settings" for V-sync & Anisoptropic FIltering

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So apparently my drivers *were* out of date -- My Device Manager was telling me that they were current when I would try to update them (via the "auto search" feature), but after looking into the version numbers & dates myself, I was able to determine that my graphics drivers were almost a year out of date. So I manually downloaded & installed the most current version myself, restarted the computer & the lighting/shadow issue is completely gone! I even made a run to the hydro plant (where the problem was the worst) & there were no longer any problems there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.