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First of all, thank you for made this game so good :) , its a really good game and much fun and sometimes a little scary when is night and i have no light and i hear some wolfs near me eheheh amazing :D , i highly recommend this game, and its clearly this game have a very good and decent DEV team, 2 patchs at the same day almost in the same time :P , keep doing your great job in this game with some added more and new tools like Bow of arrows and more weapons maybe wich can be build from nature mother , extend the story mode :) and this will be the best game ;) . 
Im in a house with a old woman who i think is blind :P

Just a curious question: Will be there more Seasons IN future? would be amazing, and you could add more tools and weapons etc.. wich can be crafting like bow of arrows, maybe a crossbow etc.. :)

Anyway the game is very good and much fun and a little scary sometimes.

I was imagine if we could make the Story mode in Co-OP via Lan or something like that, in a game like this would be perfect :D survive together eheheh, but maybe would make no much sense because the story is about 2 people and she maybe is dead because of the crash of airplane. I dont know im in the beggin of the game yet eheheh , i just hope the story mode can be longer and not small. and extend and in future make more seasons :) and chapters

What i love is when i go to some house and i look at window and see snow in outside ehehhe so goood :)

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