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Hello Devs, Hinterland Team


First, a real thanks you for your work. The game is awesome, story mode is really nice, and i've not try yet survival mode since the 1.0 but it will coming soon.

I've read some people really not cool about the game, well i've to say thanks you again. You're work is juste great, already 2 update in 4 days, that show how much you care about player, so keep going guys, you're the best. 

For the story mode, even if some video are short ( the transition about episode 1 and 2 ) . The characters are just excellent, facial expression and feelings are really great.

The immersive part is juste awesome, ambiance is cool.

Thanks to make a real survival game carring about nature and not about Zombie, probably the best game ever played in 33 years.


So juste Thanks to hinterland !!!!

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