Co-Op Survival/Downed Pilot Scenario


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What if this game featured a 2-4 sandbox multiplayer experience? This has been one of my most favorable ideas for this game since I got my hands on it.

Whenever I play this game, I often have different friends of mine ask me "does it have multiplayer?" I sadly replied with "No, I wish..." So I thought maybe I could lay this idea out here for you guys to observe and let me know what you think.

Scenario: "Downed Pilot Spawn"


What if whenever you start a sandbox game with friends, you crash at Mystery Lake (or wherever) in a plane. What if you had a player (picked at random chance) with an injured leg from the crash. -player speed decreased to a crawl, bleeding effect, inability to use items, etc.

I think this idea would be cool so that your friends would have to scurry around to find supplies to mend the players leg so that they can find shelter and begin their survival together. I think a co-op aspect in this game would make it more "realistic" because humans naturally depend on each other for every-day survival. Even if we could survive independently, we would still be alone. Realistically speaking, loneliness is a hard thing for us humans to get by on. The lack of interaction with people can sometimes be life breaking. A persons sanity in a survival scenario would probably take effect after prolonged periods without interaction with people. Perfect example; the hit movie 'Castaway' where the survivor marooned on an island found a volleyball and named it Wilson because of the brand name. He used this volleyball as a way of "keeping" his sanity together by interacting with it like the ball was a human being.

I believe in true survival situations, if we were truly alone without any companions, we would eventually die from loneliness. We were made for one another. :D

In conclusion, I think an aspect of co-op survival would be a GREAT addition to this game and would make it more realistic and interesting.

Thanks for reading and make sure to let me know what you guys think about this idea!


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+1 for co-op.

But I don't like the broken leg idea. I wouldn't want to have that role while my friend(s) roaming around having "fun", because at the end of the day its still a game people paid for. Maybe an npc you have to keep alive.

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