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Georgina, here! I can't express how excited I am to see this game working as amazingly as it is; beyond what I expected, you've really out-done yourselves!

I'm not a gamer whatsoever, but the description given in the Kickstarter, along with the insane art, really caught my eye. I wanted to support it, but I never imagined I'd really end up paying it. Too many nights I find myself sitting down to 'play a little bit', only to spend a few hours trying to beat my best (5 days is my max. so far, but I keep picking up new tricks).

Congrats on such a fantastic game, my BF is incredibly anxious to get his copy when the full game is released, so you've two giant fans in us both. :)

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Hi Georgina, nice to meet you! It's an addictive game indeed, I'm having the same problem of my playsessions being longer then planned; so I know what you mean. This forum is a good place to pick up tips&tricks, so I'm sure you'll soon do much better then 5 days. Good luck and hope to see you around.

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