A bunch of suggestions to help immersion


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  • When you pick them up would be nice to be able to read the labels on it. Same thing for the news papers.
  • Be able to place item from the invenotry to every surface in a similar way we do for the lantern. This would help to organize and dispaly the item nicely.
  • Add some item that has no particular use like: letters, note. This could contain information or sotries of survivors that left them or clue where to find secret location/certain items, places to be aware of
  • Add some sort or trap system for small animals and fishing equipment
  • Keys or tool to pick locks


  • I believe there should be some more animal, maybe smaller one

Survivors NPC:
  • For friendly survivor would be cool to be able to have some conversation with them (i guess they could have a lot intresting stuff to tell, information about certain areas...), trade. Some friendly survivor could also start to attack you depending of the outcome of the conversation.
  • Bad survivor could rob you and in certain cases kill you, still some conversation where you could steer the outcome would be awesome


  • More secret location (like the bunker) are needed to incentive the exploration and becouse are just cool(clues in the map could help to find them)
  • In certain places some door could be locked and just with a key you will be able to open it (for example is understandable that the bunker would be locked)


I loved the safe and i would like to see more of these, for example:

  • it should be possible with proper tool to pick some lock

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+1 to Items and Animal suggestions (some of which I think they plan to implement).

I personally could do without other survivors in the sandbox.

And I have a weird aversion to the "bunker that only a key can unlock" because it feels like a game. Find Key A to open door A, etc. In real life, I think I'd probably just go at it with a prybar and that might work just as well (or, it could break the prybar).

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i definitely agree on the implementation of being able to organize items in your home base better. id like to place items back on shelves where i originally found others. maybe have it do automatic placement when in the menu you transfer items over to it. might make your lil cabin feel a lil more lived in and personal the the items you've collected.

also additional hidden location would be nice, after awhile hunting and collecting firewood gets boring...i know later the map will be much larger so probably wont have to worry about that. but i stated in another post about caves or wolf den's, maybe hunting tree posts, stuff like that.

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