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Man this was amazing time on this pass. It went a little like this.

I started off in the woods close to the Dam. I looted a deer stand and came around the bend to see the dreaded home of Fluffy. Being the brave adventurer I am, I decided to risk it and go for the loot early. I entered the Dam half expecting to die in the next 30 seconds. I cautiously mosied around the main room loot lockers just...eyeballing that dark walkway everytime I heard even the faintest of noise. But he never came for me. I finished looting the upstairs and to my surprise found a safe in there that wasn't in the previous builds (yay). I went down the stairs knowing he would have killed me by now were he in the building but still my heart was racing because he has got me in those halls several times before. I managed to find the gun and some gear, clothing, food and water before embarking towards the camp office. I found ammo inside the building also so I killed a wolf and a deer and slept a night at the Dam to rest up making a small fire on the barrel downstairs to eat some Deermeat and drink some potable water. So far a great start! I have a gun, food, water and am ready to go after a quick nap...

Next morning I take off and first thing after crossing the bridge run into a wolf, which thankfully the gun was out and I shot him dead, grabbed his meat (almost putting me at capacity) and heading towards the camp office. Loot a couple corpses on the way there and upon arriving see a wolf eating a dear just past the cabin. I make a bline for the door and make it inside. I go upstairs and start a fire, cook some more meat, go foraging for wood, boil some water and get well fed, well hydrated and well rested before taking off on Day 2.5 to go find the trappers hut. I have several cooked meats and deposit the raw stuff in the desk (lol, will it even stay good there?) Dump the extra clothes and things in drawers and take off.

I have a pretty good idea of the map layout after 5 previous runs and spending time on the forums so I find it with ease. What I forgot was 3/4 of the way there I realized it was dusk, not dawn. I get nervous, but I know it's just around the bend...It gets a little darker, then it goes black. My heart stops as I hear a howl. I quickly light a flare but it doesn't provide enough light for me to know where they are. I hear another howl then another. My heart is in my throat. I see the lights of the hut up ahead. I run for my life when "GROWLLL" I'm under attack. I quickly beat off the wolf taking 25% damage. I pick up my flare and take 3 more steps when "GRROOWWWLLL" I'm under attack again! I beat off the second wolf bringing me down to 33% health. I quickly bandage to prevent blood loss and infection and use some antiseptic. I make it into the hut and breath a sigh of relief. I eat some food and drink some water then go to sleep for the night.

I wake up the next morning thankfully back at 100%, eat some food, drink some water, forage for a bit and figure after looting the hut I'll head back. I go outside and there is another freakin wolf in the clearing. I shoot him dead after waiting for him to kill a deer for me. I grab all the meat and again head inside, cook some, eat some and store the rest of the raw stuff. Man I'm on a roll, though I am out of bullets now. I forage a little bit and sleep again, then decide it's time to go loot some more and perhaps see if I can find this infamous secret bunker I've never seen yet.

I head out feeling pretty good about myself, find another deer stand, the unnamed pond, then the clearcut. Let's go to the firetower on the hill I think to myself. So I go running up the hill, forage a bit and make a fire using all my wood, a solid 9 hours of fire, cook, boil, eat and drink, then sleep until morning after looting the place dry. The next morning I wake up and eat some of my cooked meat then...oh no. I got food poisoning! I think no big deal and open up my first aid kid only to realize, I am out of antibiotics, and the rest is at the camp office, which is..pretty far away. I begin heading down the hill in the direction I think it is (not a pro navigator yet) and health is dropping pretty rapidly. I get down to 50% and start to panic but I come across the logging trailers. I figure I might find some in there, it's a long shot but worth a try. I search them all and come up with nothing. Oh man..this is not good. Down to 30% and I know the camp office is just over the mountain. Then the worst thing ever happens. I get fatigued. But, but I have to try! I drop everything in my inventory to get under 15kg and start running up the mountainside...20%, 15%, I crest the top and run down the other side, oh no where is it! 10% then I see the tracks, oh thank god...but it seems to be dropping faster now. 10%, I start to hear my heartbeat, vision is getting blurry. 8%, there...there is the house.... 5%, 4%, 3%, it's soo....close. I hear myself talk but can't make it out. 2%, I enter the house, and go straight up the stairs, 1%. I open the drawer which holds my precious antibiotics and grab them. I open the bottle....and die right there. Next to the damn bed, antibiotics laying on the floor next to me. Another 1% and I would have survived. I almost cried! LOL

Sorry for the long story it was a lot more dramatic actually playing it out. So stinkin close!

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